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how to transfer data from Mac to usb drive then to PC

Hi, I have a Mac that I want to transfer data to a usb drive then to a PC, sounds easy, but can't get it to work.  I plugged in a drive formatted NTFS into the Mac, I can copy, but it wont let me paste, if I drag it, I get a plus symbol, but nothing shows up on the drive, oh and then the shortcut is gone in the finder.

Does Mac make simple tasks maddening for a reason?

Question, how do I do this?
1 Solution
The MAC OS isn't really compatible with NTFS, you need 3rd party tools to write to that file-system. If you format the USB drive to FAT32 you should be able to write to it using both the MAC and the m$ OS PC. But FAT32 only allows file-sizes of max 4GB, so make sure that if you have larger files to split them.

If you don't want to or can't format the USB drive (you would loose the data already on it), paragon has a tool you can use that allows you to write to ntfs:

Copy the data somewhere so you don't lose it and use Disk Utility on the Mac to format the drive as FAT32.
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I've been using Tuxera NTFS for Mac, it's excellent, installation is very easy, and it's fast.


You can download the trial, see how it works.

The full program is about $30, and well worth it. I can copy to ANY drive I own at this point.

Sorry, but I don't see how the FAT 32 format really solves the more generic problem of reading and writing NTFS files on a MAC.  I have several NTFS formatted drives (the preferred approach in Windows) and have no problems, and no concerns about copy data to or from these drives regardless of whether I'm using my Mac or a Windows system.

If you want a generic, always available solution, get the Tuxera that I suggested, it's one of those programs that simply makes the Mac NTFS compatible and you can avoid formatting drives.

You really don't want to format all drives that you plan to use on the MAC and PC to FAT-32, that in my view would be a mistake. Better to provide the Mac with an NTFS capable driver.
DanOwnerAuthor Commented:
Your right, that is a better sulution, I just needed to transfer data from mac then to pc and couldn't figure it out.  knowing that ntfs isn't a format that mac can read helps remidy my head scratching.
Well you could setup a shared folder on  your PC, and access it with the Mac and copy files that way. Then you won't have to format a drive, copy files once, then again, etc.

You wanted to make a USB drive work with the MAC. Also want to transfer files. Etc., so it's a multi-part question.

But if the systems are on the same LAN, you can find a shared folder on the Windows machine (after you share it) using Finder.  Then in Finder, under File, create a new Finder window. Resize the windows so you can see files on  your MAC and files on  your PC, and drag and drop.

Shared folders work great.


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