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I am trying to correlate several tables in Access so if one piece of data is updated, then it updates it for all correlating data in the table(s0.  for instance, we have applications and staff who are on call for each application.  If i was responsible for several applications, but i couldn't be on call due to personal reasons, then someone could update my name in one table and it would update in all areas.  

I am thinking this can be done with the relationship function and since i have never utilized this function before outside of just doing table joins for basic queries, i wasn't sure if this functionality would provide the desired output.  

Currently these table are linked to a sharepoint site and based on my research it doesn't appear this functionality could occur with linked tables.  Am i correct on that piece?  

Any insight and guidance would be appreciated.  Let me know if need any additional clarification.  

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Test sample. I've addes table Support, in table on call Employee was changed to Support.
In Table Support you can assign some duty to person. Try to change person for support1 and test query.
It could be done if you have table with relation between some time interval and person. In other table - relations between application and time interval.
It is not so simle to give advice without real data. May be you can show your existing tables?
jsawickiAuthor Commented:
So i created a moc database with two basic tables and one query.  For instance, Jimmy jones can't be on call so instead of updating 3 separate lines on the on call table, is there a way to update it just once and have it apply to everything he is scheduled to cover.  The person replacing him is Trent Richardson along with the name, we would want the correct phone there too.  

I did not create a relationship since i am unsure how to do this and make it work.  Hopefully this is enough data to assist with my question.
jsawickiAuthor Commented:
Different concept from what i was thinking but it works.  Thanks....  One last thing, how did you get the person ID to be a drop down in the Support table?  Also when and why would someone use relationships in Access?

I tried replicating you changes in the one i posted, but i can't seem to get it to work and do what your's does.  Can you please provide insight on what you did to create this dynamic interface.
jsawickiAuthor Commented:
I got it figured out, saw you basically have to write code within the lookup tab of the table field.  Thanks for providing that example database.
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