Cannot restore/maximize minimized Outlook windows

Good day,

I am having a somewhat unusual issue I hope someone here has seen before.

I have a user who was recently moved to a new PC with a new installation of Windows XP Pro SP3 from an older PC with the same OS. Everything seems to be working fine except for one item.

When the user is using Outlook (Outlook 2003 SP3) and she minimizes an opened message she is unable to left click on the message to get it to restore on her screen. However, she can use alt-tab to bring it back or right click on the message she wants and tell it to restore/maximize.
The only program which is affected is Outlook, all other programs (including the rest of the Office Suite, Internet Explorer, etc.) can have multiple instances running and respond to a left click to access minimized windows.

The system has the latest video drivers on it (upgraded in thinking it might help) and I have run both Office repair and Outlook repair. I have also adjusted the visual settings in thinking it might be a customization, but that has also proven fruitless.

I'm not sure where to look at this point.
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Elton PascuaCommented:
It might be that the email Window is superminimized as they call it (resized to the minimum).

Click on the minimized icon of the email on the taskbar (nothing would happen as you have described, we are only making the window active). Press ALT + Space to bring up the menu and choose maximize. See if you can already read the email and resize the Window. Hopefully, Outlook remembers the resized setting.
Does she have multiple monitors?  Was one disconnected?  It might be going to a screen that isn't there anymore.  You can check her Video properties and disable a second one (if it's there)
OpytkAuthor Commented:
Evidently there is an odd issue with the Windows XP environment the user has set up where the "group similar" settings had migrated back and forth between XP and her temporary desktop in Vista.

Once the group similar preference was removed and recreated the system worked fine and she could once again access her email via primary click.
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