can not edit personal telephone database stored on external USB hard drive

Hi Everyone,

               Today, I did attempt to add a friend's telephone number to the personal and business telephone database stored on an external USB hard drive.  Each time I attempt to save the name and telephone entry, I get the following error message:  Access to H:/Telephone Numbers.rtf was denied.   The entries were created and edited using Microsoft Wordpad and stored in Rich Text Format.  Just in case it is needed, the OS on this machine is Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.  Incidentally, if any of the entries were created within a 32 bit OS environment, could that somehow be creating the issue at hand?

               At this point, I am not sure what direction to go with this particular concern.  Therefore, if someone could review my question and post back any troubleshooting suggestions, it will be greatly appreciated.

               Thank you

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Norm DickinsonConnect With a Mentor GuruCommented:
Is the drive being shared by anyone else who may have the document open? Or is another user logged into the same computer with the file open? If so, have them log out or log the other user off the computer and try again.

Can you copy the file to your desktop? If so, can you edit it there?

You can check whether the file is set to read-only by navigating to the folder in Windows Explorer, right-clicking on the file and selecting "Properties." If there is a check mark in the "Read Only" box under the "General" tab, remove the check and click OK and then try again.

Also check the "Security" tab to make sure you are listed as having permission for the file.
Click on your name in the "Group or User Names" box and look at the permissions in the bottom section - key are modify and write, but full control may be desired at this point. Click "Edit" to make changes to the permissions if necessary.
EirmanConnect With a Mentor Chief Operations ManagerCommented:
Before you do anything else, backup all data on the external hard disk.
GMartinAuthor Commented:
Hi Everyone,

            Great news!!  I was able to copy and paste the database file onto the desktop.  From there, I was able to add the name and telephone number of my friend.  I am still not clear on why I was unable to do this to the file while it was on the external USB hard drive.  At least, I was able to work around it by using your suggestion tqfdotus within this post.  Many thanks for this great tip.  

Norm DickinsonGuruCommented:
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