Help with Try... Catch and the Selected Value of a DropDownList

Posted on 2012-08-17
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Last Modified: 2012-08-20
Hi Experts - I need help using the Try... catch block with my DropDownList Control.

The value of the drop down have recently changed and may no longer match the values in my database.  That being the case i wanted to set the SelectedValue for any non-matched items to the default value of "Unassigned".  Here's what I wrote:

'  Get the values for the dropdownlist
' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dim MyBLL As New PickPackBLL()
Dim dt As DataTable = MyBLL.GetBinLocs()

ddOpp.DataSource = dt
ddOpp.DataTextField = "BinLoc"
ddOpp.DataValueField = "BinLoc"

'  Set the Selected Value of the drop down list.
' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dim SelectedBinLoc As String
Dim defaultSelectedIndex As String = "Unassigned"

Dim pickTicketLogic As New PickPackItemsBLL()
Dim dtpick As DataTable = pickTicketLogic.GetPickTicketItems(hfPickTicketID.Value)

If dtpick.Rows.Count > 0 Then
    Dim row As DataRow = dtpick.Rows(0)
    SelectedBinLoc = row("BinLoc")
End If

    ddOpp.SelectedValue = SelectedBinLoc
Catch ex As Exception
    ddOpp.SelectedValue = defaultSelectedIndex
End Try


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Even with the "Try" block in place I'm still getting the "'DropDownList1' has a SelectedValue which is invalid because it does not exist in the list of items."

I was hoping that the try would catch that error and the move on to the exception block and useing the defaultSelectedIndex value.

Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Question by:cdemott33
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Assisted Solution

by:Miguel Oz
Miguel Oz earned 664 total points
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Replace try code with:
If Not ddOpp.Items.FindByValue(SelectedBinLoc) Is Nothing Then 
    ddOpp.SelectedValue = defaultSelectedIndex     ' do what the Exception is supposed to do ' 
    DropDownList.SelectedValue = SelectedBinLoc
End If 

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For more details Check:
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Assisted Solution

by:Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)
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mas_oz2003 points you in the right direction. I would simply like to expand "in theory" on what he is pointing to.

Using a Try...Catch is for things on which you have no control. A Try...Catch has a lot of work to do in order to get information about the error.

Whenever an If can do the job, it is the preferred method. First of all, you can explicitely define the condition that you do not accept, while you have no such control over when an exception will fire. Second, and if requires a lot less resources, which is always a good goal to achieve, even in these days where too many programmers seem to think that memory is limitless.
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Accepted Solution

Alan Warren earned 668 total points
ID: 38307628
Hi cdemott33,
wondering if you need to databind the dropdownlist to the datatable after setting it's DataSource, DataTextField and DataValueField; before setting it's selectedvalue ?

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Author Closing Comment

ID: 38313173
Thanks everyone for your help.  I had two problems.  One was the use of the try block. and the other was the databind.  Once I moved the databind above the code where I set the SelectedValue everything worked.

Thanks again!

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