HTTP 500 Error for Shoretel Server Software: Shoreware Director

I did not have a backup domain controller for my network. I have a server with windows 2008 R2 on it. It is only acting as a server for my phone system by Shoretel. After a scare of almost losing my Primary DC I decided to turn the Phone server into a backup DC, Backup DHCP, and Backup DNS. (I reserved .02 - .100 ip's for PDC and .101 - .255 for BDC for the DHCP)
Also I gave the BDC a static IP address and pointed itself to itself for the DNS and Pointed it to the PDC as the backup DNS Server.

Ever since then i noticed i have had issues with logging into the Shoreware Director. It is internal web base software. I click on the icon to launch it, and it launches windows explorer. The error I'm getting is HTTP 500 Internal Server.

Also when i launch NSLOOKUP from command prompt I get
Default Server: UNKOWN
Address:  : :1

I'm thinking this is a DNS issue, but not sure cause I can access the network and see other computers. Also I can access the internet without a problem. I could also remote desktop the server by its name.

Any ideas what could be wrong?
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Being from the land of the great orange light I can tell you first hand that your ShoreTel Director Server needs to be dedicated to that function and role. A DC role will break your Director Server functionality. I haven't tried running DNS server role on a Director Server so can't comment directly on the impact there but knowing the webserver functionality if you are trying to complete lookups for your addressing then you are going to have a negative impact on the local IIS/Webserver interface. DHCP role not as bad but still not recommended - more related to processing ability for realtime voice applications than anything else on the DHCP side.

When you browse to http://[ip_address_of_director_server]/shorewaredierctor what do you get? If that is not working too then more than just DNS is the issue.

Ultimately the fix is to roll back to the backup/restore point you created prior to making the changes, set your dhcp role to be handled by your router on site - cisco routers can do your option 156 string for ShoreTel handsets, set your router as dns as well for your secondary dns in your dhcp, and find some basic pc box that you can tax and install a bog standard server 2008r2 instance on and configure it as your secondary DC.

I hope that helps.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
it definitely is a DNS error and your dns server is pointing at the localhost only.
lesterszurkoAuthor Commented:
Any Ideas on how to fix this?
lesterszurkoAuthor Commented:
When i launch the browser it wants to go to the local host. it is a IIs program. i found this warning.

The Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) encountered an error attempting to look up the built in IIS_IUSRS group.  There may be problems in viewing and setting security permissions with the IIS_IUSRS group.  This happens if the machine has been joined and promoted to be a Domain Controller in a legacy domain.  Please see the online help for more information and solutions to this problem.  The data field contains the error number.

Could this be causing the problem. My old domain controller was 2003 server and my new one is 2008 server R2?
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