SBS 2011 both sharepoint and companyweb want port 80

We are having an issue where on our SBS 2011 server the companyweb is breaking because of two sites wanting port 80.  This just started a few days ago and had been working for months.  Now it just keeps saying there is something already on that port.  I can shut down the company web and the other sites work or I turn on the copanyweb and have to shut off all the others.  Any ideas?
sidelogicIT ManagerAsked:
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Radhakrishnan RConnect With a Mentor Senior Technical LeadCommented:

You can achieve this easily by adding host headers in IIS. Please have a look at this article with step by step procedures

Hope this helps.
Justin SmithConnect With a Mentor Sr. System EngineerCommented:
You need to add a binding to one or all of the sites.  By binding, I mean you add a specific host name to the port on the site in IIS.  The problem is probably a result of no bindings being specified, so all sites are trying to accept all requests to port 80.  You need to tell companyweb to only accept requests for companyweb on port 80.

Open IIS, select companyweb site, over on the right click the Bindings link.  Edit the current, adding "companyweb" as the host.
Justin SmithSr. System EngineerCommented:
Any time you have multiple sites responding to the same port, you either have to add a binding to them for their URL, or you need to specify IP addresses for each site.
sidelogicIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
We ended up opening a case with microsoft and spending about 6 hours on the phone with them to get it working finally!
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