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I want to install an app on the D drive of some of our servers.
The app is in a folder named APPFILES, and the is setup.exe
During the install, the user is prompted 4 times:
1. Confirm installation (press YES)
2. Enter name of server (Server1, Server2 etc, this can be taken from a central text file)
3. Enter name of AD domain (
4. Enter name of DB server (
At the moment, we are running these manually, but is there anyway to automate all this using Powershell? The OS is Windows 2008 Server
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try running the setup executable with a /? switch. This should bring up help and should show you if there is a way to perform the installation silently. If there is, you'll probably have to enter the settings into an INI or XML file, or as switches after setup.exe.

If there is no way to perform a silent installation, you should take a look at AutoIt.

It's a fairly easy to learn scripting language where you can control the mouse and keyboard. You'll definitely be able to automate the installation with that.
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