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Ubuntu 12.04 ISO images not installing

I am redoing a couple of PCs this weekend.  I removed the old partitions with GPARTED, and started fresh installations with ISO images I have downloaded from the Ubuntu site and burned with three different PCs, several different ISO image burning programs, and several different batches of CD-ROM and DVD media.  Installation errors out just after you set username and password.  Others have reported problem on Ubuntu forum, but does not seem to be answers there.

Is there an expert who can help?

1 Solution
Are you trying to do the installation on an older PC? I have had similar problems with the Ubuntu installer (it doesn't only happen with Ubuntu, but with all Distro's based on Ubuntu that use it's installer, but at the moment only with older hardware).

What I do as a workaround is to start the installation on a more modern PC, and then move the HD to the PC it is meant for. As Ubuntu uses a vanilla kernel there shouldn't be any issue with that.

Also make sure the iso's you downloaded are valid. Normally you can check the downloaded isos with the chksum that is also normally available on the download sites.

Another thing I usually do, so I don't have to waste a CD, is to use unetbootin to create a booting USB stick for the installation (Apart from that, unetbootin can automatically download the distro from a list, including ubuntu). But of course that is more a tip for the future, since if the problem you have is the same as I experienced, it'll be the same here.
I ve seen a similar issue when reinstalling ubuntu. Don't know if the same happens to you bacause you don't provide exact error message.
My case: when installing ubuntu on harddrive with existing ubuntu/another linux installation sometimes I got nasty ubi-partman error.
Solution: - WINDOWS (no jokes), get bootable WinPE usb stick/CD, boot it up, fire diskpart:
list disk
(you get a list of available drives here, select the apropriate drive)
select drive 0 - (or apropriate number in your case)
clean - (all data will be detsroyed)

Open in new window

Reboot, install ubuntu as usual.
cigtoxdocAuthor Commented:
Thank you Rindi.  The perfect solution.  I moved HD to new machine that did have an IDE port on the MB, disconntected the SATA drive, put the previously suspect CD in the CD drive and installation went like clockwork.  I moved the HD to the back to the older machine (e-machine 3265, which had previously done well with Ubuntu), and it booted up correctly.


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