Is Techsupportglobal a scam?

Techsupportglobal advertises itself on the internet ( as "expert and friendly" support.  They say they have been in business for 20 years.  
They connect remotely to your PC and install programs to clean it & protect it.
They will provide support on up to 4 PCs for 3 years for a fixed, reasonable fee.
Does anybody know if it would be safe for them to work on my PCs?
Does anybody have first hand experience with them.?
If this company is not good, are there other good support companies out there?
Thank you.
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russell12Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Looking around on the internet, cant find anywhere it says they are a scam.  The only thing I can find is someone calling and offering tech support.  There saying that is a scam.  I went to and the first thing I do not like about it is they do not tell you a price.  They say you have to call to get the price or fill out a form with your name and phone number so they can call you.  I honestly would not let just anyone go through your computer.  If the wrong person got into it, they could get information you dont need them getting.  The other thing is, if there is a problem with the operating system that calls for a format, there not going to be able to do that over remote desktop.  You will have to take it to a repair shop and pay another 100+ or do it yourself.  There are software out there that will do what there going to do for you, the only difference is, it is probably cheaper than what they will charge, and some will be free.  I have never used this company nor heard of them.  I ran a computer buisness for 2 years and I did very limited remote desktop support for 1 reason, most problems that causes your system to lag can not be done over the net.  Also they will install more software on your computer which in turn will probably make it go slower than it already is.  Make sure you do alot of research on this company before spending money.  They may be an excellent company, but at the same time they may be the worst.  I am going to say it again, I have not used this company or even heard of this company, This is just my opinion.
EirmanConnect With a Mentor Chief Operations ManagerCommented:
I haven't read anything to indicate that they are scammers.
However I wouldn't consider using them myself .... You can't beat simple protection methods that you apply yourself (or your local computer shop or computer geek)

Hands on is much better for general maintenance, upgrades etc. Remote access can be useful for resolving specific issues.
Eirman I agree.  I guess I was typing this as you posted, but like you said there is nothing better than hands on and preventative maintenance.
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Duncan MeyersCommented:
FWIW - although they have a US toll-free number, the organization appears to be based in a suburb of Manila in the Philippines.

Which may go some way to explain some of the dodgy English on their website.
tcexperts77Author Commented:
This company appears to be similar to companies like the one that works with AVG to remove viruses from PCs.  For a set fee, they will clean viruses from 1 or more PCs.
The price depends on the number of PCs.
I have had good results with the company that works for AVG.
I understand the limitations, but if they could fix a problem that would take hours of my time and if they will work on my PC for 3 years, and if they are not a scam.....???
They also guarantee their work - they offer 7 days satisfaction guarantee or a full cancel.
If someone is not satisfied and does cancel, how can they make sure this company did not plant a bug on the PC?
I can't imagine any circumstances under which I would some (any) Internet stranger have access to one of my systems - and certainly not some company based in any country in which I did not live.

Giving remote access is giving them the 'keys to the kingdom' for anything you computer does now - or ever does in the future.

In the strongest possible terms I urge not to do this.

You can post the symptoms of any problem you have right here and let the (semi-vetted) experts here on EE help YOU do the work on YOUR computers.

You're already paying for membership here - put it to use.
tcexperts77Author Commented:
What about Dell or Hewlett Packard or Dentrix (a custom dental software), or any other company among hundreds of other companies that provide remote support with people living in other countries?
Are you saying that we should NOT allow these companies to connect to our computer because that is giving them keys to the kingdom?
That is exactly what I am saying.
tcexperts77Author Commented:
There are hundreds of businesses - probably thousands of computers that depend on remote support from techs in other countries.

One is either not being realistic or has a lot of extra time on their hands if they expect ANY group (including Experts Exchange) to solve a good percentage of the existing computer problems out there without remote support.  With all due respect, there are a some issues that Experts Exchange people do not know about.  More importantly, sometimes I don't have 3 days or even 3 hours to wait for my PC problem to be fixed.

Life would be very frustrating for me if I couldn't help others without connecting to their PC.  Imagine trying to help someone who doesn't even know where control panel is or doesn't know about right-clicking something.  How many times do we tell someone what to do (not just with PCs - anything in life) and they do something entirely different?

I am ready to give 400 points to russell12 because that response answered most of my questions - although I did not agree with some of the answers.

Regarding my later question ("If someone is not satisfied and does cancel, how can they make sure this company did not plant a bug on the PC? "), I probably should start another topic....
younghvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can denigrate my advice all you want, but you give away all of your high-tone attitude with that last sentence:

" can they make sure this company did not plant a bug on the PC? "),..."

The answer is that you can't. Once you turn over control of your systems to a third party you have no way of knowing what they are actually doing.

What you need to do is develop a solid relationship with a local IT service shop (or two) and work with people you can get to know and trust - and have the recourse of legal action if that is warranted.

Obviously you don't want the kind of advice that I'm giving, so I will 'unsubscribe' and move on to other askers.
tcexperts77Author Commented:
Sorry you took things so personal.  I am only facing reality and stating facts from my own personal experiences.  Here is just one example:

One friend of mine with an infected computer hired a local company, which took the PC, wiped out the hard drive (saved the data but lost the programs).  It cost him $300 plus a lot of time to find & install the lost programs.  Another friend was ready to do the same thing (she had tried for days to fix it with no success).  I convinced her to try the company on AVG's web site.  It cost her $149 and they were connected for almost 12 hours (another tech took over when the first ended his work shift).  When all was finished, she had a clean PC with all her programs working and her data intact.  Since that time I have paid that company $299 for 1 year of support to clean as many PCs as I want.  This company has cleaned 5 out of 6 PCs and saved me hours of my time.  Since I have had such good results with the virus removal company, I was wondering about this Techsupportglobal company.....

My last sentence (on my previous comment) was only a statement, because nobody the question and I thought it may have to be classified as a "new" topic in order to get it answered.  As of this time, nobody HAS answered that question, so I will be creating a new topic.  Since you answered my first questions with a good answer, I will award you the some of the points.  See my next reply for details.
tcexperts77Author Commented:
These comments are what helped the best:
1.  Remote access can be useful for resolving specific issues.
2.  Looking around on the internet, cant find anywhere it says they are a scam.  Make sure you do alot of research on this company before spending money.....
3.  What you need to do is develop a solid relationship with a local IT service shop (or two) and work with people you can get to know and trust - and have the recourse of legal action if that is warranted.

MY CONCLUSION: I will first try to hire a local company, but I would expect them to do some of their work remotely (to save time & $ - they can't just be hanging around expecting to get paid while they are waiting for a full system scan).  If the local company does not do the job or can't guarantee their work or give me a reasonable accurate estimate at the beginning, then I would hire this Techsupportglobal company and watch their every move until I am satisfied that they are legitimate.  If they are successful fixing the problem within their 7-day guarantee period, I will continue to use them  If they are not successful in that time period, I will cancel and expect a full refund.  I would also turn over this PC to my AVG-related company (which I am already entitled to 1 year support) to check over the system and make sure there are no Techsupportglobal bugs in it.
Research is MOST important!  I am assuming the best place to do the research on any company is on the internet - Google is the best - right?
I like your conclusion.  After reading all the responses, I just want to add, just because they are overseas, you cant judge them.  The reason why I say that is because what company now is not overseas?  I know some people have there own opinion about this, but scams happen in america also!  So just go with your gut feeling and definately try your local computer buisnesses, compare prices and satisfaction.  When you give someone access to your computer, you are going to be at risk no matter who it is!  Also I failed to see the part you ask about the planting a bug.  With my expiernce, unless you know exactly what your looking for, it is possible you will not find out if they did plant a bug.  That portion of the question is an iffy one.  Good luck and if you do decide to go with techsupportglobal, write an article on it in the article section of experts-exchange!
tcexperts77Author Commented:
Thanks for the comment.  A few years ago, I had a nagging SQL problem on a Windows 2003 Server that could not be solved by anyone locally or even by Experts-exchange.  After 3 weeks of unsuccessful attempts (and a lot of wasted time), I called Microsoft and had a tech from India finally fix the problem.  Although I was willing to pay $250 or $350, they never charged me!   You are so right about scams being in America also.  

What I meant about the "bugs" are from what I know about keylogger programs you can purchase (like Refog).  When a keylogger program is installed, the installer should put an exception (or exclusion) in the antivirus program so it does not find that keylogger program.  I am thinking (hopefully correctly) that if I install a good antivirus program AFTER this company had access to my PC, my new antivirus program will not have any pre-programmed exclusions and it will find any "bug", if it is there.  To be 100% sure, I could ask my "AVG-approved" company (which I already paid for) to check over the system too.

If I do decide to use Techsupportglobal, I will take your recommendation and provide any information about this company in the articles section of Experts-exchange.

FINAL THOUGHT:  Children learn so quickly because they are not afraid of making mistakes, which is usually because they are naive about the consequences.  Their minds are like sponges, soaking up everything (good and bad) in sight.  The key (as we get older) is to learn from our mistakes, but NOT to lose that spirit of trying something new to the consequences of potential failure.
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