Choosing OS for new application


We have a new application that we will be introducing shortly, it is a 32bit app.

Our standard is now Windows 2008 Server SP2. We can have either 32bit or 64bit, Standard or Enterprise.

Am I correct in saying that since the app is 32bit only, there is no point going to anything other than Windows 2008 Server 32bit Standard? Because the app can't "see" more than 4GB (and will actually use only 2GB of virtual memory), there isnt any point going for a version whose main benefit is more memory?
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having 64bit OS will allow the OS to be more efficient,  for other tasks such as antivirus, security etc, and you will likely see no performance difference directly for your app, but a performance difference generally across all apps

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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Starting with R2 Microsoft is 64 bit only which will give you a longer shelf life for the OS because at some point MS will stop support for non R2 versions

To answer you question .. you are basically correct.  You are looking at 2\3 g of RAM depenting on stack.  Take a look at these resources in the links.  Your app will not in itself work faster or better in a 64 bit system.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
I asked this in your previous question and you haven't answered yet, does your 32bit application support AWE? If so it may use memory above 4GB, if not it can't. The OS can still take advantage of memory above 4GB for buffer space though.
If the OS is running on the server and it isn't solely dedicated to running this one application, it will be more useful to get 64-bit, since memory will be managed better and future applications that are 64-bit will benefit.
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