Google Drive resyncs everything on startup

I have Google Drive installed on a number of machines. In two cases Google Drive starts to resync all files on bootup each day. Quitting Google Drive sync and restarting it seems to solve the problem manually. One machine is running Windows 7 SP1, the other XP SP3.

My question is why does Google Drive behave in this way  and what can be done to make it not attempt to resync everything on bootup each day on the machines in question?
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socrossConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem now sorted. Looks like Google may have updated Drive sync. This question can now be closed.
socrossAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the above response, but these are just the standard Google on line help links for configuring Google Drive and do not address the problem in question.

I am also in contact with Google support to try to resolve this, so will report back when I have  an update.
socrossAuthor Commented:
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