Building a Virtualization Machine

Hello i am trying to build a virtualization machine.

My question is what is the most importanting for a virtualization machine, the knowledge i have collect is that memory, hardive is most importanting after that come processeor, is this correct?
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Arthit84Author Commented:
The motherboard will be able to have 512 GiG memory, how much per VM is not decide yet.

I quess VDI is standing for virtual desktop infrastructur....Yes in future i am planning to have a VDI..thats why i need to test this thing before takeing it to real life operation. Thanks
Lior KarasentiCommented:
You are correct

if you plan to install servers (2008,Exchange) then you need lots of memory

If its only test workstations then 4-8GB will do the job
HI it depends on the what you type of virtualisation you are looking to implement. Type 1 is baremetal as in Vmware ESXi. More efficient as it has no OS overhead. Type 2 such as Hyper-v, virtualbox (free) and Vware worksation runs on top of an OS so slower. I would go for Type 1, maximum RAM and at least quad core processor, and some decent speed disks. If its a smal test environment then a NAS solution may be of use
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Arthit84Author Commented:
Actually what i am trying to build is a Server with MIcrosoft Hyper-v as main for Virtualization and on that virtualiz Workstation the budget i have is around 8000 dollar. This thing will be both for testing and bussiness situation.

Another question i have i am looking into Microsoft System center does this need a operating system or is it a operating system Thanks again for all the answer
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
@cwstad2 - you should become more familiar with Hyper-V - it IS a type 1 host.  Look for the free e-book on Understanding Microsoft Virtualization.  Indeed, Hyper-V 2012 in Server 2012 has higher limits than ESXi.

System Center is a collection of management tools - none of them are operating systems.

If you're running one or two VMs then Hard Drive is not GENERALLY or USUALLY that important.  BUT, more than that and the faster the disk subsystem the better (for speed, Hard Drive is the SLOWEST major component and when you have 3, 4, 5, or more VMs all trying to run simultaneously off one spindle it's going to slow down all VMs quickly).  RAM is important as it helps determine the maximum number of VMs you can have and what they can run.  I built a 32 GB system to run my VMs and using Dynamic Memory, I've got 6 running.  Some are allocated UP TO 4 GB or 8 GB, but when you look at Hyper-V manager, they are only using 500 MB to 1 GB.  This means that my 32 GB system can probably handle 12-15 VMs or more (depending on what I do with them).  Last April, I had to setup a test environment with 8 VMs running on an i3 laptop with 16 GB of RAM - I used only 8-10 GB of RAM according to Hyper-V.  (NOTE: Some systems aren't (very) compatible with Dynamic RAM, SQL and Exchange specifically come to mind, but there could be others because they want and will use as much RAM as they can get).

If you're looking to do this for business production, then you should probably look into buying Server 2012 Datacenter since that license includes an unlimited number of VMs.

Also worth noting, Hyper-V CAN use SANs for storage or even offload storage to other servers on the network.  I'd only do this with 10Gb adapters though, given the importance of the disk subsystem.
Lior KarasentiCommented:
Microsoft System center need operating sytem

read here
Beware of the cheaper chips from Intel,they are emasculated and have no support for some of the more advanced options in hypervisors.

Got a Pentium 8490 and it's crippled in terms of vm support.

All of the newer AMD processors for some reason or other, seem to support those functions.
Arthit84Author Commented:
WOW thanks for all the support and help..i have learn really much thanks again..
About the server i am to build this is what i am thinking of

1 motherboard with 4 socket

IF i use intel it will be E5 2670
IF i use amd it will be something of 6000 serie and it will have either 12 core or 16 core

and for hardrive i am think of a raid 10 but i dont really know if should chose sas or normal disk with 7200 rpm..if i chose sas i think the budget wont be enough..but if i use 7.200 rpm i am afraid of that it will slow donw the VM in the long run..

For memory i will use 1333 or 1600 depend on the motherboard.

I will be thanksful for all comment
go for E5-2670,  it will have good performance since it is latest processor generations.
if you virtual machine is not CPU intensive, could start with E5-2620 x2 which give you 12 core

How much memory you need per VM and how many VM you decided to host in this ?

How much total disk space you need ?  

You dont need raid 10 unless you have DB intensive VM or buiding VDI enviroment but it will definitely give you better Read/Write.
Arthit84Author Commented:
Good explanation and great info
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