SAN certificate Exchnage 2010 - what names to register on cert


Small business setup - limited budget.

I would like to know exactly how many minimum names to register on SAN - for just webmail and active synch to use.

the internal domain name is domain.local. The external domain is
i just have 1 public ip doing port forward to internal exchange 2010 1 server all rolls.

please provide exact names required to register. Thanks

Also does anyone know of a cheap certificate vendor ?
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Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
I would add to the above: and domain.local (both for TLS SMTP communication)

As SAN cartificate provider, I would recommend DigiCert. They are not so cheap as GoDaddy but they have an easy-to-use CSR tool
At a minimum, get the following:
Server.domain.local (where server is the netbios name of the host)

If you get a "multi domains" cert from GoDaddy (<$90US/yr), you can also add on 2 more.
Suliman Abu KharroubIT Consultant Commented:
Adding to above, you need the netbios name for your CAS server/Array... (for example exserver or cas_array).
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