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MySQL remote ODBC with MS Word


I have a MySQL database with tables and I'd like MS Word 2010 to connect to this remote MySQL db. There is an ODBC for MySQL to the MS Office programs:

1) But how do I connect to the remote MySQL from MS Word? Should I be using VB or .NET or C#? I'm new to VB/.NET/C# so if there is some sample code to connect to a remote MySQL db then that would be great. Any good links to tutorials so I can learn remote MySQL connections using .NET/C#? I guess .NET or C# is more powerful than VB but I don't know the pros and cons of .NET vs. VB vs. C#.

2) Would I need to use different code with MS Word 2012? I know it's new but I'm wondering if anyone has tested it yet.

3) Is there a different ODBC for MS Word 2012 than previous versions?

4) I would need to connect to the remote MySQL db from MS Word and then do more complicated data extractions like search for parent_id = 23 and if parent_id has more than 1 child then loop through the children and display children's first and last names on page 2 document at Section 1) a) of the document.

Just wondering where I would start to learn to do something like the above. I'm a pretty fast learner so if I see example code then I can start to understand it.

(On a side note, I was thinking of downloading the Office 2012 Pro for $12 per month and uising MS Word 2102). Any thoughts?

Much thanks,
Victor Kimura
Victor Kimura
1 Solution
Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:

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