How to calculate file size ?

Hi, i need to calculate estimated file size (the more accurate, the better) by the following information i have:

File Format  X = (MP4, WebM, FLV, 3GP).

1 second of compression X is Y MB/KB of data

how can i do this ? thanks...

the information i need is what is the amount of MB/KB "stored" in 1 second of the movie length, thanks.

if you have some other similar solution, it's acceptable.
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Imran SaeedIT Technical DirectorCommented:
Take a look at this Video Space Calculator which supports a lot of formats.

AND if you use bitrate based encoding the file size is simply:

file size = bitrate * running time

Where bitrate is the sum of audio and video bitrates. Keep in mind you need to adjust for bits/byte and watch your units.

For example 1 hour with a total bitrate of 8000 kbps; 1 hour is 3600 seconds so:

file size = 8000 kbps * 3600 seconds
file size = 28,800,000 k bits

there are 8 bits per byte so:

file size = 28,800,000 k bits / 8
file size = 3,600,000 k Bytes
file size = 3.52 GB
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