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I'm trying to use IBM's sametime Alertbot java application, but I am getting the following error when running the STComm.jar file. Not sure what the issue is.

Session created
Attempting login to
Logged out
        at src.AlertBot.loggedOut(
        at com.lotus.sametime.core.comparch.STCompPart$1.processSTEvent(
        at com.lotus.sametime.core.comparch.MessageDispatcher.dispatch(
        at com.lotus.sametime.core.comparch.MessageDispatcher.flush(
        at Source)
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mccarlConnect With a Mentor IT Business Systems Analyst / Software DeveloperCommented:
It is just badly written code. In the loggedOut event listener method, the code author has assumed that the loggedIn event must have happened and that certain object would already be setup. This mustn't be happening and so because those objects are still 'null', when methods are trying to be called on them, the NullPointerException is being thrown.

As to why this is happening, I would say that it may be as simple not being able to login to your server properly. So either the server name, username or password might be incorrect?
abgtempAuthor Commented:
Thanks, all credentials are correct. I need to verify that the sametime server is allowing connections this way.
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