EVGA SR2 showing only 32Gbytes RAM instead of 48Gbytes

I just installed 24 Gbytes of extra memory to my existing 24G on my SR 2 mobo.  When I boot up the machine its only shows 32 Gbytes when showing installed memory.  I'm using the same memory modules Patriot MEM 4Gx3|PATRIOT PS312G13ER3K-E RT.
I checked with AIDA64 and the memory modules were identified.  I have a dual Intel Xeon X5680 system with no overclocking.
Please help.
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geocleojohnConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It was the same DIMMS part number but different year of manufacturing.  Patriot recommended I exchange them with recent mfg dates similar to ones I bought and now all working well.  Thanks for the help!
Thomas RushCommented:
Please see the MB manual, page 21 and ensure you have followed the manufacturer's requirements for DIMM placement: http://www.evga.com/support/manuals/files/270-WS-W555.pdf

It looks like they must go into specific slots.
geocleojohnAuthor Commented:
Yes, It's fully populated with 12 DIMMS 48Gbytes.
Make sure you do not have it in redundant memory, mirrored memory or lock-step memory mode (set in BIOS). Redundant is similar to RAID 5, mirrored mirrors channels 1 and 2 with channel 3 disabled, lock-step reads/writes channels 1 and 2 simultaneously for extra ECC and disables channel 3.

N.B. your manufacturer may use slightly different terms, but you want it in independant mode.
geocleojohnAuthor Commented:
Its memory issue , not board issue.
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