Magicard Pronto Printer and plastic cards printing

I have issue with my pronto printer (
I use high quality images to print on plastic cards but on all prints there are like artifacts, green spots and color looks dull and very not natural. I'd say this is printer problem, but when I print with IDM 2 Go software and just add red, blue, black squares everything looks perfect, but when I try to print image black prints and grey, some noise and etc.
Any ideas how to print vector images properly on plastic cards ?
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hdhondtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only real flaws I can see are some white spots on the card. As for the colour differences, colour printing is often that way.

What application are you printing from? Are you using the printer's colour profile (ICC/ICM file - assuming there is one)? Whith most colour printers there are also several different colour settings in the driver. What are the available colour settings in this driver?
It would be useful if you could post a scan of a sample print.

If red, blue and black print fine, could it be that the colours are being posterised? I mean that the number of tints of a colour is severely reduced, so that for example light red prints as solid red, and very light red prints as white. This could be a driver setting, or it might be a printer limitation. Although, as the Magicard is a dye sublimation printer, it should be able to print the full spectrum. Check the settings in the driver, and make sure it is set for full colour.

Can we assume you are using the correct cards for this printer? Dye-sub printers require special material to print on. See
NeznaykaAuthor Commented:
I've several printer settings but none of them helped.
Material is supplied by seller. Take a look in original image and printed card (sorry for quality).
Take a look in one blue spot, yellow line and all print looks unnatural.
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