Best Android Phone and Tablets

what is the best Android Phone  and tablets ? in the meantime what is the advantage of the android devices over Iphone and Ipad IOS devices ? i.e does the applications in Apple store is already exists in Android realm ? should i expect more apps in android that in apple ?
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Nancy McCulloughConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Wow - now this is a battle that has no end! Apple vs Android is also known as Mac vs PC. In my humble opinion (IMHO), Apple has the tiger by its tail at the moment. The iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTV (amongst other things) are all smoothly combined through use of the iCloud. That is, if you buy a song on one device, it is available on ALL Apple devices. No fuss, No muss. The back up of everything is automatic. The user can forget all about the daily or weekly backup! But you pay for it.

PC is catching up. They used to shun the Mac world, but is suddenly embracing it now that their stock price has been affected.  lol

Tablets of all sorts are sprouting up everywhere. They are designed to look and feel like an Apple device. Sorrily, they are *nothing* like an Apple device.... yet. Backing up your music and applications (amongst other things) is a routine that the user must think of and do. But - it's cheap.

Another thing to think about is the susceptibilty to viruses, malware and adware. PC is riddled with problems as it is an easy target. Apple has been tight-lipped about everything that makes up the construction of the OSx, and therefore viruses that target Apple devices of all sorts are minimal. In fact, most Apple owners don't even purchase antivirus software!


Apps, as the Apple population knows them, are cheap programs used for anything from entertainment to managing time and converting measurements. Most of the simple apps can be found in the Android world. The Android vs Apple war for apps marketshare is definitely in favour of Apple. Can you get anything better? Maybe, probably not. I am waffling on this, because millions upon millions of people are creating apps as I write this post. It's like printing money.

Best Android Tablet:

The benefit of Android over Apple is compatibility with PC. Apple and PC still have a lot of duking it out before everything will be smooth between the two worlds.
This is kind-of like asking "Which pc is the best?", or "which car is the best?"... it's not really about the PCs so much as it is about your personal preference as far as features are concerned, how much money you are willing to spend, and whether you're an Apple fanboy or a Google fanboy.

There's no clear cut answer. You have to play with the devices, read the reviews, and find out what you like about each one and what are dealbreakers for you for each one.

In general... if you like things to be simple and consistent, and you don't mind doing things the way Apple thinks you should be doing it (which usually involving spending money at regular intervals), then go with Apple.

If you like tinkering with settings and customizing things, and you want more "control" over everything - often to your own detriment - and you want more options as far as picking a device that provides you with a compromise between budget and performance - go with Google.

After you've made that decision, which specific device to get from one manufacturer or the other really is a you-get-what-you-pay-for situation - the more expensive it is the better it is.
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