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We have several Windows 7 PCs on our shop floor.  Each PC has an Administrator account, backup account and user account.  

I have been asked to have each PC log all the way into Windows using the shop account (User).   The computer is not part of a domain and the user account does not have a password.  I have run "conrol userpasswords2" and checked enter username and password so they can just select the local user account.  

Is there a way to set the default username for automatic login in Windows 7
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can preconfigure which account will be used to auto login.
Are you trying to make the PC boot all the way into Windows with a specific user?  If so, these registry entries will work:

Otherwise if you are just trying to make Windows show the name you want after boot, use this registry key to set it:

Please ensure that Arnold gets the full credit for this suggestion, but here is a more detailed explanation of the process that I keep bookmarked:
helpfinderIT ConsultantCommented:
in control userpasswords2 you can deselect option "user must enter user name and password and choose which user should log on automatically then:

As I understand you correctly this is what you are looking for
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