GC crashed after moving Servers

Hey Guys,
right now I'm in real trouble. This is the first time that something like that happened to me.
OK. What happened:
- AD Domain 2003/2008 mixed mode with Exchange 2007
- One 2003 DC with all FSME-roles and the GC
- One 2008 DC
Both servers ran on a VMWare-System.
The storage where the servers were hosted should change (together with some other Servers)
During the move from one storage to the other the 2003-Server-VM-Files got completely corrupted, don't ask why when how - it just happened :(((((. These files are definitely lost!!!!
The 2003 DC was backuped with ntbackup but according to Murphie's law without system state :(((((((. There someone didn't do his job proberly - but that will be an issue somewhere else!
Now I only have the 2008 DC but with no FSME-roles and no global catalog.
I hope you have any ideas how to get out of this trouble????? Is there a way to get the 2008 working with the complete AD????
Thanks a lot in advance for any hints that get me back on the road :)!
best regards
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Nagendra Pratap SinghConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Back this DC with system state now!

You can seize FSMO roles on this running DC.

This DC has at least a running / read only copy so this is not a big issue at this moment. It is good to have two DCs.

konga-fritesAuthor Commented:
The problem is, that on the 2008 DC - where no GC and no FSMO-Roles are - the AD service won't start - so I can't change anything.
After rebooting the Server the dns service will start after some time period but the AD service will not.
Reasons? Well, the DNS won't start cause the AD does not, the AD won't start as the GC and one or more of the fsmos fail?
konga-fritesAuthor Commented:
hi npsingh123!
ok - now I know "seizing" the roles using the command line :) and the difference to "transfering" :).
The AD comes up in the 2008 and it also has the Global Catalog. But it takes some time untill the AD works properly. In the eventlog is the warning "4013 - Microsoft-Windows-DNS-Server-Service" recorded. I guess it might be a DNS resolving issue as the 2008 DC is now the only DNS in the Domain.
Right now I'm configuring a new second 2008 DC with DNS.
Am I right that with finishing implementing the second DC the "4013" error will obviously disappear and the AD will come up more quickly?
Anyway - thanks a lot - your hint brought me hopefully back :).
Darius GhassemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure you metadata cleanup to remove the failed DC.

konga-fritesAuthor Commented:
Thank you both - especially npsingh123. your hints in the ms link really helped me. good job.
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