Files keep changing by themselves


A client of mine has a two desktop office (both recently bought HP windows 7 Professional)
On her computer there is a folder that is shared over the network so her collegue can access this folder also.

I've installed CrashplanProE to make a backup to our server.

But now my client says that sometimes when she modifies files (word, excel) she has stored in this shared folder, after a while (not shure how long) the files are changed back to an older version ergo all her last modifications are gone...

I've looked everywhere but cannot get my head acrross what is happening..  :(

I've stopped the "system restore" feature after i saw that there were a lot of VSS errors (122294) in de log but the errors are still there but much less frequent.
I don't think it is Crasplan doing this, cause i don't see anything in the log and we've got 50+ clients running the same backup client without any problems.
I've also used it a couple of times now to restore the file that was changed back to the older version.

Does anybody has another idea?
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StarbytesAuthor Commented:
OK, I've opened the sync center in Windows 7 but there are no sync relations set.

What i did do is i've disabled the offlien files..?
share folder synchronisation ? old to new
Mohammed HamadaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
As Barry said, Check the synchronization method. It shouldn't be both ways. and try other free synchronization tools for testing to see if files will change or remain the same.

Tell your client to check her PC for malware. sometimes it's an infection that's playing with the files.

Make sure the time of synchronization is real,  and tell the customer to make sure that she's saving the documents into the right destination folder. sometimes people make such mistakes.
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Enable auditing on the share to see what is happening to the files.
Make sure to have your. Security eventlog large enough.  You may want to use splunk to aggregate the info.
There is no info on what the determination forthe cause s nor how you've fixed it.
StarbytesAuthor Commented:
This is what fixed it.
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