Fastest Wireless - Point to Point Setup

I have a need for a point to point wireless solution that is going over a short distance. I have a point to point setup going over half a mile now using Cisco Aeronet 1400s. I am only getting 26 Mbps each way.

I need something much faster. I have line of sight, no obstructions, and it is maybe 200 feet.

I cannot run fiber - copper etc. 100 percent out of the question. Is there anything out there point to point wireless faster then 802.11g?

Thanks, Mark
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bplantierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For professional wireless blackhaul, you also have bridgewave product that support unlicensed full Gpbs point to point wireless, up to 1.5 miles, but they are pretty expensive. (list price of 23.000$)
Andrej PirmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
De-facto one and the only in wireless world for my taste is Ruckus Wireless, whose devices are really something special. With 10-year Warranty and state-of-the art, I feel like writing an ad for them.

But really, ZoneFlex 7731 I have tried, and achieved over 150 Mbps symmetric link in the distance of approx. 1 mile! Only few ms ping...there's no match for such a perfomance in this price range.

In my country this one pair costs approx. 1.800 EUR.
You also have the proxim wireless product
For exemple the Tsunami QB-8100 allow 300Mbps links on long ranges for 2000$
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mmcodefiveAuthor Commented:
Labsy - Ruckus ap is a few times faster then what I have now but I really need Gbps speed at this time. I have a few G point to point setups that I will retire in a few years so I will keep them in mind for other projects.

Bplantier - Looks like that Bridge Wave is the way to go. Basically with install I will have about 40 to 45 grand in a point to point solution. Expensive but my alternate is installing a lot of infrustructure in an office that is basically across the street from an office that already has a lot of infrustructure.

I will wait to see if anyone else posts a solution and award points.
unfragmentedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I ran Cisco Aeronet 1300's over a pretty short distance - 26Mbps is what I got as well.  This makes sense when you think about it - 802.11g is 54Mb shared (half duplex), minus some framing overheads, which effectively give you about 26Mb each way.

THere are a few alternatives.  RF Based solutions can be licensed or unlicensed.  Cisco has partnered with Exalt and suggest at R5005 as a bridging solution - 5GHz, 80Mbps FDX.  Link: (may need CCO).  Proxim has been mentioned.  Ubiquiti is another one.  Then you have your carrier grade licensed solutions like Motorola, Ceragon, Nokia etc.  Most of these start at STM1 kind of speeds (155Mb), but can go significantly higher.

There are also optical solutions (Free space optics - FSO or "laser").  My experience with them is that they are good for very specific uses, but don't have much tolerance.  We were forever realigning the system we had at my last job.

Well, thats a couple more options - hope that helps!
mmcodefiveAuthor Commented:
We need ultra fast so we will probably end up going with BridgeWave solution.

Thank you all for your help, Mark
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