How do you use imports on a class in a Web Application

Hi i have a web application in
I gace a class that I have wriiten and what to use the imports myclass but its not working.

In my other web site i did it as a web project not an application. In that I put the class in a folder called app_code and all works well. Now i want to use it in the web application and it is draiving me mad. what am i doing wrong.  I have did try to put it in different folders and using complie.

The error is "Namespace or type does not contain a public member or cannot be found"

Please help
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taz8020Author Commented:
Was being dull had rootname space used
Where have you put the class file?
taz8020Author Commented:
I have tried it in a App_Global, in the root and in App_Code. But does not give me the option for App_code in the .net folders.

Where should it go?
taz8020Author Commented:
was being dul
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