Exchange 2010 Edge Transport Server not Synchronizing Active Directory Recipients

I am running Exchange 2010 SP2 with a CAS/HUB/MBX server and an Edge Transport server. I recently discovered that newer recipients that I have created cannot receive mail from external senders. They get an NDR that says "user unknown". After a little more research I found that the recipient synchronization between the two servers may not be up to date. If I run this from my hub server...

Test-EdgeSynchronization -VerifyRecipient

I get this...

NotSynchronized - Recipient exists in target Edge Server but attributes are not synchronized

The above command says "Synchronized" for all older users. I also tried doing a manual synchronization and it basically said there was nothing to update. Any ideas?
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MCSFAuthor Commented:
I found the issue. A few months back we switched to hosted DNS, so I recently shut down the last of our in-house external facing DNS servers. Both Exchange servers should be using internal DNS, so I'm not sure why this comes into play. Anyway, I will continue researching it but for now the issue is resolved.
MCSFAuthor Commented:
Update... if I run this command


I get this...

The EdgeSync cookie has not been updated as expected. It may indicate EdgeSync has encountered synchronization errors. For more information, check the EdgeSync logs.

If I run this command...

Start-EdgeSynchronization - Server MyServer

I get this...

Result         : CouldNotConnect
Type           : Recipients
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