Multiple directory names are created when creating user shares

When I'm setting up a user share on a file server, I'll create the directory name as "XXXX" and then another as "YYYY", I'll setup the share name as "XXXX" and "YYYY" accordingly.  When I map a drive on an end users station, and relocate the my documents folder to the new share, some of the dirctory names on the server change from XXXXX" to "YYYY" but it still keeps the appropriate Share name.  So now, when I log on to the server, and look at the files, there will now be multiple directories showing up as YYYY.  This now causes confusion on what the actual directory name is.  I'll have to look at the share name to see what the actual name of the directory is and who has access to it.  Is there a way to fix this so that all the directory names are showing up appropriately?  

Please see attached screenshot.
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
From my recent experience with this exact issue it is due to the Folder Redirection in Windows Vista and Windows 7. In the Users folder you should see a desktop.ini file. Open that file in notepad and take a look at the code in there. Then open another desktop.ini file that is on a home directory that is not experiencing the issue. They look totally different.

There are current work-a-rounds for this kind of issue but it has to do with modifying the permissions on the desktop.ini file on the server.

Take a look at the following links to provide further assistance.

Hope this helps!
DucommunAuthor Commented:
Awesome!  This helped out.  I deleted the Desktop.ini files for the ones having issues, and it fixed it.  I have to wait till tomorrow to see if anything happens when the users reboot and log back on, since the file gets recreated.  I just need to make sure the problem doesn't duplicate.  

Thanks for you help.  Please keep this ticket open for one more day so that I can confirm that all the directories are kosher.

Thanks again,
DucommunAuthor Commented:
Everything is working.  Thanks for the help!
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