Accessing WHS 2011 through the Network

When I try to access WHS 2011 through the network, it asks for an ID and password.  Using my computer's ID (Mooneye-10/Eric) and the server password don't work.  I am not using a password on this Windows 7 Ultimate computer.  Do I need to set one up?  Thanks.
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George KhairallahConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
Actually if you're accessing a server resource on the server, you need to give it the username and ID that resides on the server.
So, say your server name is: WHS-Server and you have a user called: Administrator.

When you try to access a server resource from your Win 7 Ultimate, and when you get asked for credentials, try this:
WHS-Server\Administrator and put in the password for that account.

If you want to have specific users on your WHS, i.e: eric. You would need to create the account on your server (for convenience, you can create the account with the same password that is on your Windows 7 Ultimate), this would pass through your credentials when you try to access Server resources in the absence of a domain with central authentication.
ermooneyAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  That was exactly right.  I entered Administrator and the server password and got access.
George KhairallahCTOCommented:
Excellent. Good to hear it worked for you  :)
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