How to setup URL rewriting in .NET

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I am an experienced web developer with PHP et al.  I have been providing consulting services for a client, and the solution to a particular problem involves URL rewriting.

My consultancy is purely strategic and conceptual at the moment, I plan to pull in contractors for the work, but at this stage they have asked me for scope and approx. estimates.

They use .NET - so I am unsure of how to implement a URL rewriting strategy with this stack.

Basically the client needs to maintain (in a database via a GUI), a list of URL aliases, which are then 301 permanently redirected to the destination URL.

Can someone help me by giving me the top-level steps necessary to achieve this with .NET, and perhaps also advise me on the SEO implications?

Here is an example:

Destination URL:

All advice appreciated!


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Barry JonesAsked:
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kevp75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually, since .Net 3.5 there is no need for 3rd party URL rewriting.    You can use Page's builtin
Barry JonesAuthor Commented:
Great links - thanks..
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