Revising a formula to convert a number in decimal format to a particular text format

A while ago I requested a formula to convert a number in decimal format to a text format using a ^ to separate the decimal portion of the number and convert it to 32nds.  I was given the formula below, which seemed to work fine:


Now I need a (hopefully) small modification.  The formula above converts a number like 123.125 into the following text: 123^4, which equates to 123 and 4/32.  I now need it to appear as 123^04.  In otherwords, whenever the numerator of the fraction in 32nds is less than 10 it needs to have a zero in front of it.  For example, 123^1 would be 123^01, 123^7 would be 123^07 and 123^9 would become 123^09.

Can anyone adjust the formula for me?
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I think this will do it...

pwflexnerAuthor Commented:
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