SATA hotpluggable as NHP?

Is it possible to use hotpluggable SATA harddiscs where SATA NHP is needed, as example built into an PC? The other way around is clear for me that it's not possible.
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So they can charge you more for a hot-swap upgrade. (A hot swap enclosure costs more to make because there are more components, and they are more convenient, so people usually pay the money).

It is that simple.
SATA, by definition and specification is hot swap technology. You can plug in power and/or the data cable in any order at any time, whether a drive is in a hot swap carrier or not.

Just don't do anything stupid and be dancing on the carpet during this time.
ITDELARAuthor Commented:
Why does SATA then come with NHP (none hot-Swap) harddiscs?
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