How do I use Keywords country best? Best Adwords Keywords?

I am trying to gear up my keywords for better Adwords.

If I use keyword country (, which of the results must I try and use?

I can't put them all in, obviously, but the ones with the longest search volume bar - are best?

Do my Adwords keywords affect how much my adsense RPM is?
If not, what does? I had a high RPM of $5, but I am below $2 now.
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Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Your AdSense account is based on supply and demand.   If supply is high and / or demand is low, then the amount you are paid is going to be low.  Yet another factor is going to be ad budgets.  Perhaps earlier there was a lot more spending because of the primary's.  That would have boosted up the rates.   Remember to also factor in Click through Ratio CTR.  That is typically based on how well people engage with your site and probably more important.

I don't use keywordcountry so i can help you on that.  However, if you use google directly by going to and use the keyword tool.  I can see that, "Politics" has an approximate cost per click of $2.39.  I'm pretty sure google wants to make a a profit.  So if somebody is paying $2.39 for an ad, you are going to be paid below $2.  You will also see the demand for this month is down.  

Interestingly, "Politics" had 1.8 million monthly searches and google shows the demand about half then last month. and shows demand as low.  "President" has 9 million monthly searches but the rate is about $1.00.  Even with the lower dollar value, you may make up the difference in potential traffic.  

The other factor is click though ratio.  If your site is not engaging, you will have a low CTR.   You would expect a news site like cnn to have a much higher CTR then a site that is nothing more then link bait.   The one thing you can control is more easily then the rate is the CTR.  Experiment with ad placement, ad types, sizes too many ads, too few ads, content. etc.   Use google experiments A/B splits and always test what gives you the best CTR.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
Adwords and Adsesne are 2 different things.  One does not directly effect the other.   Adwords is for purchasing ads on other sites and Adsense is for displaying ads on your site.

Your average rate you get from Adsense depends on a lot of factors including what people are willing to pay for the content on your site.  If your site is all about tshirts and sandals, you will probably get a higher rate per thousand in the summer then the winter.

Also, unless you are getting at least over 100 clicks per day on your site, I don't know that you can really go by the rate per thousand you are receiving or at least you can't put much emphasis to it.
beavoidAuthor Commented:
So, better keywords, more traffic, more adsense revenue? - not correct?
But, if politics is big right now, shouldn't my RPM be decent? It was v.good during OWS.
If my adwords keywords are hot, aren't people willing to pay more? . .
On another question, an expert said I must work on good keywords to boost my RPM income. (more traffic = more clicks ) it seemed correct.

Check out (search) 'politics' keywords on

Which of those should I include, the ones with high competition?
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beavoidAuthor Commented:
Thx, For Adsense,

I think if I use a bigger square allotment for my pic ads, the post text may be stretched out too long ( high) needing scrolling down. Do you think that is an issue?
What ad type should I use for my in post pic ads, what square size do people find best? I think I am 300x50 and also 50x50
I have a standard Wordpess blog. IF I LOOK at free republic, they have some big ads.

Are bigger ads generally higher likelihood of payment?
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
The square ads can pay more but you should experiment with placement and size and continue to track each ad.  Typically you want the ads to be "above the fold" towards the top.  Again, if adwords bids are hovering around $2 per click, you are not going to get paid more then that.
beavoidAuthor Commented:
My Adwords CPC is $0.02

Do I personally state the dimensions of how I want the ads to be sized, or is there a drop-down of legitimate sizes?

If I am 250x200 or close now, what are reasonable, best big ad sizes?
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