User unable to see Free/Busy information in Outlook

I have a user that when creating a new meeting, and she tries to use the Scheduling Assistant, she is unable to see the free/busy information of the rooms, or even her other co-workers. When she adds the room or another invitee, instead of seeing the free/busy information, she get diagonal lines and a when she hovers over the lines, she gets "no free busy information can be retrieved. Your server location could be determined".
I have ran the cleanfreebusy switch on outlook, recreated her profile, put outlook in cached mode disabled. I even ran powershell script to make sure she had rights. In fact she is in the In Policy settings for the rooms. She is using Outlook 2010, and our Exchange is 2010. She is the only one having that issue.
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Windows profile should be the solution as you stated, I would just rename her current profile by logging in as Domain Admin and then log back in her which should create the new windows profile. Then you can always copy the favorites/desktop items later from the profile which we renamed it earlier.

Windows 7 might give you TEMP profile issue, for that please see this: (Method 1)

Couple of quick points,

=> Can others see her free/busy? (i think answer should be yes)
=> Can she see others free/busy using webmail? (i think answer should be yes)
=> Can she resolve Autodiscover URL? (i think answer should be NO)
(((((for the above step, use the method to check using Test Autoconfiguration - follow link - make only slight change DO NOT select BOTH Guessmart checkboxes))))
=> Last but not the least, have you tried to create her profile on this machine AGAIN and tested OR some other machine and tested?

Can you please check OWA and confirm if she has the same issue?
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xzay1967Author Commented:
Thanks for the responses guys, I am at home right now, but I was able to test her free/busy via OWA. She is able to see the free/busy of the rooms and others as well. When I get to the office, I will test the Autodiscover. I forgot to mention that yesterday I was able to see other free/busy information from Outlook on another computer and with her profile.
Looks like issue is down to that PC and outlook profile...
xzay1967Author Commented:
My thoughts exactly, but I have already rebuilt the outlook profile from scratch. My next step is probably repair and or re-install Outlook. Actually what I am going to do is create a new user profile on the same computer, then set up her outlook profile under that new user profile and see how that works out. I will report my findings once complete.
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