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Website Running Slow

I have a Ubuntu 10.10 web server running tomcat.  On this server two web sites have been hosted for about two years. Recently one of the web sites has slowed down dramatically. Sometimes the pages dont even load.  While one site has slowed down the other remains fine and responds fast. How do I determine the cause of the slow down so I can fix it?
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Are you the server admin, dev or both?  :)  You've probably started troubleshooting this already, but what kind of content is served by this 2nd site?  Is it a very dynamic, data-driven site?  Or largely static content?  Understanding that the other site is largely impacted, I would ask the same questions.  Are there any obvious resource constraints on the server?  Does the slow site serve static content quickly?  Are there particular functions that suffer the most significant performance penalty, and what do they do?  Are they accessing an RDBMS platform, and what's the status of the data?  Does it exist on the same host?  How's your indexing and maintenance plan?  If you interactively run a similar query to one executed by the application, does it take nearly as long as the "slow" site?  Kind regards!
It could be many things:

Server : Too many Processes running at same time / Low memory/ High CPU utilization/Network or bandwidth issues / disk Issues / Database Issues / Misconfigured Firewall/resource conflicts or race issues.

But the best place to start with is logs.
deklinmAuthor Commented:
I figured it old. New browsers plus old code equals slow site.
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