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sonic wall nightmare

sonic-wall-150.pdftz150 standard firewall trying to get thru to a dvr machine ;(  (see attached doc)
wan address in sonic wall is
lan addresss in sonic wall is
dvr is connected to port 4 on the sonic wall and assigned ip and port 7000

trying to access dvr from outside world
created a dvr port forward service in sonic wall for port 7000 via tcp
created an access rule (source:wan * ; destination: lan
cant access from outside :(
is there something i need to do to the device gateway that the sonic wall refers to as wan?
thank you for your time :-)
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I noticed that on your WAN interface you have a private IP address (a 192.x.x.x address). Have you made sure that all ports from your upstream device (i.e. your modem/router that is plugged into the WAN port) is forwarding to your Sonicwall (i.e. by adding the Sonicwall to the modem/router's DMZ)?

The first thing you're going to want to do here is confirm what is blocking you from accessing the DVR, it might not even be the Sonicwall
TheBurningManAuthor Commented:
if i log into the 192 device, what should i do to make all ports forward to the sonic wall? set the dmz to   added updated pdf screen shot file             thanks
Are you trying to use a browser to access a web server interface on the dvr?

The gateway for the dvr should be set to the lan address of the Sonicwall, assuming there are no switches in the mix.

Is this Sonicwall being used for anything else? If so please provide the other interface ip address settings that are being used.
Adding the Sonicwall to the DMZ should work on that end. A few more things to check:

A) Make sure you've set a Static IP address for the DVR (I believe you set this to, but just wanted to confirm). Carlmd is right, make sure that in the IP settings on the DVR that the default gateway is the LAN address of the sonicwall (

B) Make sure that you can access the DVR from the local network (i.e. another PC plugged into the same network). You should be able to open a browser on another computer on that same network and go to or https:/// and access the DVR. If you can't there is something else that needs to be troubleshooted.

C) If both A & B are good: If there is enough ports, try temporarily plugging a computer into the upstream device (the linksys modem/router the Sonicwall is attached to) with the Sonicwall still plugged in like it is. If you do this, you should then be able to test accessing the DVR through the sonicwall by going to or

If B did not work, there is likely a setting or a local firewall on the DVR that is giving us trouble.

If B worked, but not C, then we need to spend more time going through the Sonicwall settings

If B AND C both worked, we now need to test accessing the DVR over the internet. However, you might not be able to do this from your own network. (I.E. you might need to try accessing from somewhere outside your location). I've seen situations where I cannot access a local web server using my own public IP address. In those situations I then test it from a remote location.
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