RDP session freezing: packet loss

Hi All,

Can someone suggest command line tools to use to test for packet loss ?

It seems that when using a 3rd party monitoring tool, it suggests packet loss of 40%, however, when using pathping nothing 0% loss is detected.
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Segments Retransmitted and Failed Connection Attempts could be caused by a number of different things.

For both of these, it is possible that the problem lies in your networking infrastructure.  I usually start by mapping out the path that the remote computer has to take to get to the destination computer.  You stated that you are using cloud based RDP?  Does this mean that you are seeing this on a remote computer when trying to RDP into your network, or are you experiencing this when trying to RDP to the remote computer?

In either of these cases, you are probably going through at least one switch, a firewall, and possibly a router.  You need to consider that it might be one of these devices.  Do you experience this problem when connecting to or from a particular computer or from all computers?

Are both end computers talking at the same speed(1000/100/10).  I have seen where one computer was talking at a 100 and the other was set to talk at 10, which could cause this issue.

I know this may not directly help, but as fjkaykr11 stated, if you can post the netstat results might help us better determine the problem.

Also, you can try to do a tracert (ex: tracert to the IP address of the remote machine and see if any connections along the way seem higher then the others.
moo_c_o_wAuthor Commented:
Windows 7 OS.  Cloud based RDP.
The remote machine may be set up to drop incoming ping requests. Try to enable that briefly, if you can, for the duration of trouble shooting.
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For troubleshooting connectivity problems I prefer to use Ping -T instead of pathping, I usually let it run for about 5 minutes or so and see if you get any intermittent request time outs. Have you tried this?
moo_c_o_wAuthor Commented:
What could be causing issues with 'Segments Retransmitted' and 'Failed Connection Attempts' ?  There is no packet loss.

Trying to interpret results of netstat -e -s.
Not sure what it means.    What 3rd party application are you using?  For deeper analysis in the past I have used Wireshark and was able to get help by posting the log on this site.
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