Cisco 2960 Catalyst Switches

How to better connect Cisco three 2960-S Switches.
what's the best/recommended and most reliable/fastest way to connect my 3 Cisco 2960-S switches?
I work with  a home automation company that needs the most reliable network possible since the entire house relies on the network/wireless.
i have a Fortigate 60C as my main router, 5 Ruckus 7363 APs and 1 Cisco 2960-S PoE and 2 Cisco 2960-S Catalyst Switches.
All 3 swtiches are located in 3 different parts of the house and are connected via CAT6 from the main 2960-S PoE on port 23 and 24 to switches in Living and Theater respectively.
i know this swtiches have 4 SFP ports?
can i get an adapter form SFP to CAT6e or CAT5?
is there an advantage to configuring a port role depending on what's connected on each port?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

j alfredo
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Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:

There is two ways You directly buy from your local CISCO partner, or you buy from 3rd party SFPs, they are 100% compatible, please look thos page, and call Andras Pinter:
If you can connect all three switches together, Switch A to B, B to C and C to A, you will have the most redundancy. Spanning tree will prevent a switching loop. Most of your equipment will likely support only one network connection; however, ideally, connecting a server to two separate switches will provide better redundancy.

If possible, try distributing the AP across the various switches for redundancy as well.  

As for the SFP ports, you can get Copper SFP's, but since the switches are Gigabit to begin with, there really is now point. Unless you are using VLANs, any switch port will do.

If throughput is an issue, you may choose to connect the switches with two or more cables, and enable etherchannel for link aggregation.

Istvan KalmarHead of IT Security Division Commented:

I advise to use Optical SFPs to crossconnect the swithes, if you bought 10G version you able to use 10G if not you able to use 1G.

You need to use STP (which is defaultly enabled)

If you have 1g UPLINK you able to use 2 SFP-s for same for link aggregation  switch to another via PaGP.

I advise to use single mode cable for optical!
jts2020Author Commented:
thanks for the info
do you know where is the best place to buy this optical SFP wires?

j alfredo
jts2020Author Commented:
Thanks everyone for the input.
we are going to connect all three switches with SFP Connectors.

j alfredo
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