GPO for Login sripts


1)      This is related to the Login Script
2)      The OS for the Domain Controller is Windows 2008 server
3)      The login scrip’s name is Login.bat which contains as the followings:

REM @echo off

Net use Y: \\Bobafilesrv\Marketing

Net use W: \\Bobafilesrv\Accounting

Net use P: \\Bobafilesrv\Public


I go to the Domain Controller
- Go to C:\Windows\Sysvol\Domain\Scripts folder
- I put the Login.bat at the above Scripts folder
- I click Refresh at the Domain Controller

Then, I go to the Profile of every user, and put the Login.bat there

By doing this, I provide “the 3 network drives” to the user (when the user logs in); however, I have to do it one by one for every user.

Per other discussion, EE’s expert (G4ugm) suggests that I can do it with Group Policy (GPO) if I do no want to do it one by one.

Somebody experienced with the above GPO? If yes, please give me a hint.

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In a GPO
User Configuration->Windows Settings
Scripts (Logon/Logoff)

Add the script there
and apply the GPO to a OU with the users in it
SandeepSr System AdministratorCommented:
Log on to the Domain Controller with Domain Admin rights.
First Create or use existing OU where all the users you want them to be.
Expand the OU's and then select the OU on where all users are listing.
Right Click on that OU, click on Create and Link New GPO here.
From here you can use the above options by expanding User Configuration->Windows Settings->Scripts (Logon/Logoff)

Simply browse and add that script over there.
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