Macbook Pro 2012 second HardDrive

Hi experts,
I have an Macbook pro 2012 without retina and a built-in HDD. Now I want to additionally use an SSD with this kit:
Basically it's a media bay, replacing the optical drive.
I already have a SSD drive: Corsair Force 3

The final setup should look like this:
- Macbook with dualboot into Mac OS 10.8 and Windows 7 Bootcamp
- OS X should be booted from the SSD and run primarily from the SSD
- Windows should use, but not exclusively utilize the HDD. The HDD should be partitioned with 200GB for Windows and 500GB for Mac OS (approx.)
- Windows should boot from the HDD
- Mac OS should natively mount the Mac OS partition of the HDD into my home and index it automatically (probably, messing with /etc/fstab should do the job if this file exists?)

Now the questions:
- How do I do this? :-)
- If I'm informed correctly, the Mac has a recovery partition natively nested in the HDD. What about that when it comes to a recovery installation?
- This tutorial uses "Super Duper!" to copy the Mac HDD to another HDD: I guess this is not native HDD since the drive sizes should differ in almost every upgrade scenario. Does this one also moves my recovery partition and will it work on drives with different sizes?

Thanks for any tips or input!

Kind regards,
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XaelianConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you got any data on your MAC, I would back it up somewhere so you're not going to loose it (also will make everything easier for you).

The best what you can do is:

1. Boot in Recovery mode (at startup command-R)
2. Install Mac OS X on your SSD
3. When Mac OS X is installed on your SSD, do the initial configuration (if you do the copy with the link you provided you don't have to do the previous steps)
4. When you are at your desktop go to Finder ==> Applications ==> Utilities ==> Disk Utility
5. Erase everything on your HDD.

6. Repartition your drive. You can give it 2 partitions. 1 for your Windows 1 for your MAC. But I would do this in the bootcamp assistent in the next part.

Now for bootcamp, if you followed the previous steps, this is the simplest thing you have to do.

1. Open Applications ==> Utilities ==> Boot Camp assistent
2. From here you need to follow the BootCamp Wizard. Everything is really clear, so you can't make any errors. Here you can repartition your HDD.
3. When bootcamp is installed, I advise you to run the Boot Camp assistent 1 more time to burn the Windows drivers on a CD.
4. Start windows and install the drivers.

Mac OS should natively mount the Mac OS partition of the HDD into my home and index it automatically (probably, messing with /etc/fstab should do the job if this file exists?)
Well you can do it with /etc/fstab but that's more a Linux thing on Mac I'm not a big fan of it. At Mac startup he will normally mount it for you. But if he doesn't, you can mount it with Disk Utility and drag and drop this in your login items. So he mounts it whenever you log-in.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
The easiest way is to reinstall MacOS X onto SSD when it is inserted already and then format HDD - run BootCamp wizard.
Actually the suggestion you gave as example is almost the same. Instead of reinstall they suggest copying the MacOS to SSD drive, then utilize the space on HDD to install Windows there.
fr0nkAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Worked, but the HDD holding windows has to be on the first SATA controller. Not in the media bay.
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