Excel/Visual Basic Compile Error

I wrote an Excel VBA program for my company and it has been used for over a year by 6 users, running Windows XP and Office 2007. 4 of the 6 users now receive a 'Compile Error:  Automation Error' when they move their cursor anywhere near (but not touching) a command button. The command button contains visual basic code that formats data on the excel sheet and retrieves data from a backoffice 'Universe' database.
When the error occurs, the program goes into debug mode and displays the subroutine
for the worksheet before doubleclick event.

We can't understand why this is only happening for some users using the same excel workbook.

Can somebody please point us in the right direction.

Thank You.
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aikimarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
register the Uniobjects.UnioaifCtrl ActiveX object.
BENNYLAUAuthor Commented:
Reregistering Uniobjects did not fix the problem, but I thought that it could be that one of the other dlls that needed to be reregistered. 'Buyers' is a project that users here use to do their work.  It accesses the back office database via uniobjects, has planning and sales functions and creates excel reports amongst others. When 'Buyers' was reinstalled, it fixed the problem.

Thank you for your help and in putting me in the right direction
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