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I recently bought/rent a new dedicated server (running on the latest CentOS and DirectAdmin). At first it was simply to host my clients websites. But I do get requests to install Teamspeak (non profit) and IRC network.

Installing shouldn't be a problem when checking all of the articles on the web. But what are the best practices to do so? I have full root access fyi.

Where do you put your source files? Do you create folders for each one of them?
Where do you install it?
If libraries should be installed, where are those placed?
Anything special I should take into account?

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AggieTexConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ideally you would want to install software from the centos repository or third-party repository.  Should it not be in a repository the next easiest option is to install from an rpm built for centos/rhel.  

Standard FHS compliance would have you put the source code files in /usr/src, but honestly you can stick them anywhere to create a make install.  During the configuration/compile, you would point the binary files to install to /usr/local/bin and library files to /usr/local/lib.  

I looked and TeamSpeak 3 isn't in a repo.  It also doesn't even look like you need to compile it.  Here is a website with details of how to install TeamSpeak 3 on a CentOS 6 64bit install.
jlevieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Best practice is to install via an RPM built for your version of Centos. If that's not possible the next best choice is to target a local build to /usr/local/bin, usr/local/lib, etc.
MutsopAuthor Commented:
Thanks alot
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