Sharepoint 2010 : Searching Oracle View/Database With Fast Results

Hello, Can anyone please help me or point me in right direction on possible Sharepoint 2010 solution.

Requirements :

1) Search Oracle Database(s) - Via (Views) - Code Name ORASEA
2) A SharePoint Solution that will Search Oracle (ORASEA(s)) are presented via drop down next to search box.)
3) Present Partial Search Results With Few Columns initially. (Column Names Can Change, depending on Database (ORASEA) we are searching)
4) User will be presented with detail Record (Columns Coming from Different Views. Column names can change depending on the ORASEA user search.) When he clicks on one of the partial record.
5) PDF Download capability on both 3 & 4.
6) Audit Functionality that records user actions (This will be sharepoint content and will not sync to ORACLE). Audit Should Recorded (Account Name, Domain, Computer Name, Oracle Database (ORASEA) search performed, Records Viewed any other use ful information).
7) Rich User Experience, Easy to use, Search Should Return Resutls very fast from ORACLE datasources. If Avgerage Search taking more than 30 seconds to return results system will not be used.

I am quite new to sharepoint, so my solution may not be the best one, so please point me in the right Direction.

( We want Sharepoint Solution not Dot Net)

My Solution : (Remember Search Performace pivotal)

1) Visual Web Parts (I Prefer Sandbox Solution, but this may not possible and i don;t want to go down the route of proxy).
2) 3 Web Parts
4) Web Part 1 : Search Interface & Validation of Search Entries. Connection to Oracle. Search Oracle and Finally Get the results as Datatable and Raise an Event Search Done.
5) Web Part 2: Partial Results Screen that will response to Event raised above in Point 4 or Web Part 1 (Grid - Renders What datatable or view thrown to it, With link columns for clickable navigation that will deliver Point 6 below.
6) Web Part 3 : Detail View.  Again there should be no intelligence on this webpart except render what is thrown at it.
7) PDF Download Capability (did not think this throu ) on Point 5 and 6.
8) Audit Functionality via SharePoint Special List (Schema Created for audit).
9) Storing Oracle Connection using Sharepoint SSS
10) Using AJAX for minimize page refresh between webparts.
11) Solution BDC (Avoiding WCF due to search performace we wanted).

Solution above may not be the right one. Can anyone of you SharePoint Experts please point me the right direction how to achieve my Requirements please.

Thank you very very much for all the help.
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NetSriConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Can anyone help please.
NetSriAuthor Commented:
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