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We're moving away from Netware to Active Directory on Server 2008.  It was easy in Netware to create a default Windows user for different machine scenarios so that all Netware users had the same desktop, programs, and icons.  I can't seem to find an easy way to accomplish the same in AD  so that in one lab all domain users see the same desktop etc but in another lab see the desktop etc particular to the computers in that lab.  Any ideas how this can be done easily and since I'm not that familiar with AD at this point, detailed answers would be appreciated.
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deroodeConnect With a Mentor Systems AdministratorCommented:
Active Directory works different than Novell eDirectory in that on eDirectory you would log on to the directory with a eDirectory account, and log on to the workstation with a local account. In AD you log on to the workstation with an Active Directory account.

You'll probably want every user to have his own account, so if you want all desktops to appear identical you can configure a mandatory profile. Use the instructions provided by mo_patel to have each Active Directory user account point to the same profile (e.g. \\domain\netlogon\default), copy the profile you want to \\domain\netlogon\default (or \\domain\netlogon\default.V2 for Windows7 profiles, and rename ntuser.dat to
mo_patelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
couple of ways to do this:

you can use roaming profiles is one way so where ever the user logs in, they will always see the same desktop icons, profile, programs (depending if installed on local machine).

Or you can create Ad groups and setup group policies....
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