Do i need any license thanthis ....for SSL VPN with Netscaler AGEE


we have Xendesktop Platinum edition licences (comes with Universal Licence), we would like to implement SSL VPN with Netscaler AGEE MPX 5500. if we do this

we have Microsoft EAS (covered office, os upgrade and core CALs)

Xendesktop Platinum edition license, any way Netscaler appliance comes Access Gateway platfrom licence. other than all these...

what licenses do we need in our Infrastructure environment?

thank you,

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BlueDiverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've assumed that you are using the XenDesktop to publish a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. The NetScaler is used to provide effective remote access. If this is the case then you will only need the RDS CAL for each device connecting to the infrastructure.

The Enterprise Agreement covered the Windows CAL and the use of Office on the Citrix platform

The use of the NetScaler has not impact on the licenses.

hope this helps
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