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Hi All

I currently have basic shared hosting and email via, this has served me well for basic websites in the past, however, i'm looking for a better package which doesn't cost much and will help to build a website as the software i've used in the past is Macromedia Dreamweaver MX and Fireworks MX and my knowledge of programming these days falls quite short.

The requirements I have are:

1) Create professional but not too detailed templates which are easy to update.

2) To build an enquiry form which people complete and when they click submit the information from the entire form gets emailed to myself then only certain predefined fields in the form are sent out to someone else.

3) I want to be able to setup a list of people and email addresses to send out newsletters

4) The option to create a subscription area and/or have a payment facility available.  (not essential)

I have found these people - but not sure if they are any good and can anyone recommend alternative providers?
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Jason C. LevineConnect With a Mentor No oneCommented:
The ISP really isn't the primary driver for the above.  Pretty much any ISP these days supports PHP and MySQL and as long as you have access to a server side scripting language and database, you can write pretty much anything.  

For your development requirements I would suggest you look into using a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla to run the site.  CMS packages have tons of templates pre-written that can be easily tweaked to produce unique looks and also have plugins/modules that handle most common programming tasks such as e-commerce or form to email interactions.  It's easier and better than using Dreamweaver.
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Thanks i've gone down the Joomla root and about to setup a test site :-)
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