Open Only one Excel file in Excel Instance.

Hi Team,

I have a .xlsm file that opens up as soon as a person logs into the system and then the file will also hide itself.  The reason for this is becuase the file is suppose to keep running in the back end to track some data usage.

Now everything runs fine.   Till the time the user open another excel file.  Now the hide instance of my Excel sheet becomes visiable.

I want a way were once my excel file is opened and then hidden.  If any other Excel files are opened they should open in another Excel Instance.  This way my file is never discovered.

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Rob HensonConnect With a Mentor Finance AnalystCommented:
This sounds similar to the situation with the Personal.xls file in Excel 2003 and earlier.

I have my Personal.xls to open from the xlstart directory but it opens hidden. I can then open files in the same instance of excel and the personal.xls does not show itself.

If I want to see the Personal.xls I can go to the Window menu and select Unhide, do what I need to and then Window > Hide. I guess you would have to add some protection so that the user cannot do this as well.

Rob H
Sandesh555Author Commented:

I want to do this only for one file.  That is my Excel automation File.  Rest all files should be able to open in the same instance other than the instance in which my Excel Automation file is open.

For Example.

Lets say my Automation file name is ExcelAutomation.xlsm and a few other reports file like Report.xlsx, Report1.xlsx etc.

Now when the user logs in the ExcelAutomation.xlsm file will open automatically lets say in Instance A.  But when the user starts to open Report.xlsx this should open up in a differnt instance, lets say Instance B.  Now when the user goes to open Report1.xlsx.  this should open in Instance B so on.

I hope I have made my self clear.  :)

Sandesh Jadhav.
Sandesh555Author Commented:

I dont want to disable this.  I only want my excel automation file to remain hidden and no other excel file should one in the instance my automation file is running in.
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