the remote server returned an error 407 proxy authentication required

A customer of mine is using some software to submit a file to the golf online server. Now when they try to sumbit the files they get the following error.

"the remote server returned an error 407 proxy authentication required."

They are running ISA 2004 SP3 on a SBS2003 Server.

I need to open up the firewall to allow the PC in question to have unrestricted access to the internet It needs to upload the file over port 80

Any suggestions as to what to do?
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There is no way to answer that correctly because there is no way to know how the Upload Component built into the website was designed.

Most likely it is incapable of authentication as is failing because you require authentication at the proxy for the users to get to the Internet.

You need to create a Rule for HTTP/HTTPS that uses the Destination's Domain Name as the destination (* and uses "All Users" as the "User".  Place this Rule immediately above the existing HTTP/HTTPS Rule you are currently using.
ItomicltdAuthor Commented:
Any one got a solution
ItomicltdAuthor Commented:
Solution worked.
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