Javascript to write SEF URLs

Posted on 2012-08-21
Last Modified: 2012-08-22
I'm trying to put together a javascript that updates a form hidden input with search engine friendly urls based upon the page title.

My page has the following -

A recordset detailing Parent details -The page may or may not have a parent page, if it does the recordset creates an array 'arrParentDetail' of which the third item is the Parent Page SEF URL. (I'll refer to this as 'Parent-Detail-SEF')

In the event that this exists, the SEF URL for the new page would be -


So in this instance the hidden input should have a value equal to 'Parent-Detail-SEF' +'/' + The New Page Title

The New Page Title should remove all non a-z A-Z 0-9 characters and replace all spaces with a '-' So
New! Page About&* Something Special :) would become -


In the event that the arrParentDetail doesn't exist the hidden input would be just -


my page title input has a name and id of title.

Finally I also need to be able to write the final output to a span so that the user can see what the URL will be.

I'd be grateful for some assistance with this please.

Thank you

without the preceeding '/'
Question by:garethtnash
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    Accepted Solution

    Hi, I made the assumption that you want to update the hidden field everytime the title field changes.
    Also in the example I have the hidden field not hidden, but as plain text, such that later after verification you can change type="text" to type="hidden" yourself.

    		<script type="text/javascript">
    			var arrPageDetails = ['something', 'something', 'Parent-Detail-SEF'];
    			function updateSEF(frm) {
    				var parts = [];
    				// In case of parent SEF, add this to the new page's SEFURL
    				if (typeof arrPageDetails !== "undefined" && arrPageDetails.length > 2) {
    				// Grab the title field as inputed by the end user
    				var pageTitle = frm.title.value;
    				// Remove leading and trailing invalid characters
    				pageTitle = pageTitle.replace(/^\W+|\W+$/ig,'');
    				// Replace all non alphanumerics to dashes.
    				// Construct the final url, and write this back to the form.
    				frm.SEFUrl.value = parts.join("/");
    			<input type="text" name="SEFUrl" value="" />
    					<input type="text" name="title" id="title" onchange="(updateSEF(this.form));" />
    			<input type="submit" value="Submit form" />

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    Author Comment

    Thanks Roonaan, that looks fantastic, just a couple of things,

    my Array is created in VBScript -

    Dim ParentDetail__MMColParam
    ParentDetail__MMColParam = NULL
    If (Request("parent") <> "") Then 
      ParentDetail__MMColParam = Request("parent")
    End If
    Dim ParentDetail
    Dim ParentDetail_cmd
    Dim ParentDetail_numRows
    Set ParentDetail_cmd = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.Command")
    ParentDetail_cmd.ActiveConnection = MM_GolfConnection_STRING
    ParentDetail_cmd.CommandText = "SELECT ID, PageType, SEOLink, Title FROM dbo.MyPage WHERE ID = ?" 
    ParentDetail_cmd.Prepared = true
    ParentDetail_cmd.Parameters.Append ParentDetail_cmd.CreateParameter("param1", 5, 1, -1, ParentDetail__MMColParam) ' adDouble
    Set ParentDetail = ParentDetail_cmd.Execute
    ParentDetail_numRows = 0
    If not ParentDetail.Eof then
    dim arrParentDetail
    arrParentDetail = ParentDetail.GetRows()
    End if
    Set ParentDetail = Nothing
    Set ParentDetail_cmd = Nothing

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    I can create a variable in VBScript from this like

    Dim Purl
    Purl = arrParentDetail(2,0)instead of creating the code like -

    instead of the 'var arrPageDetails = ['something', 'something', 'Parent-Detail-SEF'];'

    Can I use a variable created in Vbscript within the Javascript? or would it be better to store the value in a hidden input?

    Also sorry, when I finished typing in title the value was displayed in SEFUrl but only the first space was replaced, in other words this 'another url created' looked like 'another-url created'

    Is there a work around for this?

    Thank you so much

    Author Closing Comment

    Thank you

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