Where ASPX send mail when you recover the password.

Hello I need to know where is the code that send the mail with the password when you use the recover password control in ASPX.NET

I looked for in the applicaction code and in the Stored Procedures but obviously I didin't find it.

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Alan WarrenConnect With a Mentor Applications DeveloperCommented:
Hi limmontreefree

that's deep magic, mainly controlled by the Membership Server, most of the logic being in the SQL stored procedures of the membership server DB.

Most likely a combination of:
  -- aspnet_Membership_ResetPassword
  -- aspnet_Membership_SetPassword
  -- aspnet_Membership_GetPassword
  -- aspnet_Membership_GetPasswordWithFormat
  -- maybe aspnet_Membership_UnlockUser (if needed)

There are ways to modify the email issued, here's one:
Customize body of Email sent by passwordrecovery in asp.net

Alan ";0)
limmontreefreeAuthor Commented:
Sorry there there isn't nothing affecting send email,

I have reading and I think that sending mail is hide for the programers.
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