swap content?


Is there a way to see swap content? My swap is in use and I'm not sure which application uses it.

Thank you!
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omarfaridConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The swap area contains:

- swapped pages

When system is out of physical memory it will try to free memory and it write modified process pages to swap area temporarily till it is needed.

- swapped processes

When pages swapping is not efficient to free memory (since a lot of paging will cause load on the system and will then impact processes, etc), then the operating system will swap whole process out to swap area till it can schedule it to run again

Basically you can not view the swap area content since it is managed by the OS but tools like top can till you about processes and swap area usage.
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaSenior IT TechnicianCommented:
woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The SWAP column of "top" should tell you which process uses how much swap.

Hit "O" then "p" and <Enter> to display (and sort by) this column.
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g0allAuthor Commented:
OK so there's no way to mount swap or see it's content?

@wmp - welcome back!

A mad admin closed my thread here: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Community_Support/General/Q_27833754.html
No, there is no way

yes, I'm back.

I updated my profile (i.e. removed the message saying that I'm offline),
but indeed, who would come up with the idea of reading an EE profile?

swap is maintained exclusively by the OS. No chance to view its contents.

Looking forward to answering your upcoming AIX questions, and thx for  the points!


g0allAuthor Commented:
Thx guys!
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